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Announcing New DTP Thermoelectric Technology For Temperature Control of Drone Payloads

We're excited to announce a new application for our patent-pending DTP thermoelectric (TE) technology that enables the deep cooling, heating and temperature regulation of drone payloads. This innovation, which takes advantage of our distributed transport properties (DTP) technology, installs onboard each drone, creating a permanent, lightweight thermal solution for cold chain storage, vaccine transportation and delivery, food transportation and delivery, thermal packaging and pharmaceutical applications.

DTP doesn't require comparatively heavy dry ice, which might not be available in the regions a vaccine or food product is traveling to. You can also easily scale this technology, enabling smaller drone carriers to transport vaccines to hard-to-reach or inaccessible locations.

Achieving proper temperatures to transport and deliver vaccines, medicines, pharmaceuticals and food products via drones can be a challenging task. DTP has been successful in achieving temperature differentials greater than 20 percent versus conventional thermoelectrics. By properly cooling payloads at a lighter weight compared to conventional TE or dry ice, DTP technology enables drones to fly farther.

To learn more about DTP technology for these and other applications, please contact us.