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Advancing Thermoelectrics

A new approach to solid-state thermal management

We Are DTP Thermoelectrics

If you think thermoelectric technology has reached its limits, think again. Our patented distributed transport properties (DTP) approach to thermoelectric systems delivers dramatic increases in heating and cooling efficiency and capacity. These advances make DTP's solid-state thermal management an efficient, sustainable, high-performance, cost-effective solution for many thermal management applications.

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DTP Versus Conventional Thermoelectrics

DTP Cascade Chart

Revolutionary Thermoelectrics

Conventional thermoelectric systems can already cool, heat or generate power—just not as well as our patented DTP thermoelectric technology. DTP stands for distributed transport properties, which describes functionally graded materials whose key thermoelectric properties vary spatially through the material. Thermoelectric systems based on DTP materials show significant gains in cooling and heating capacity and efficiency, opening up new possibilities for solid-state thermal management in electric vehicles, cold chain logistics, medical devices and many more applications.

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